Charlottesville Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy defended ESPN anchor Jemele Hill’s tweets where she labeled President Trump a white supremacist contending that Hill was telling the truth.

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49 thoughts on “Vice mayor defends ESPN’s Jemele Hill’s anti-Trump tweets

  1. Lol all the racists are mad that a black woman called out another racist. One by one all ylls "hoods" are starting to come off and now we can see your face.

  2. Hey are you all still crying over the election , grow up deal with what is right you bunch of crybabies . god bless us all and god bless the USA

  3. so it's okay for you guys to do it to complain and bich about everything . but the minute we do it we have to go to hell you and your other little communist buddies are all Hypocrites on this site

  4. Judging from the comments I've read….the truth has hurt the "internet gangsters". Everybody is tough behind the keyboard. Jokers are all caught up in their feelings calling her racist names and such. Wonder if I'll see the same type of comments on the vid with Miss Texas basically saying the same thing?

  5. CNN promotes nazis KKK and antifa.

    CNN is fake and Brooke needs to star in a porn movie. That`s all her mouth is good for.

  6. How is it race baiting when she's telling the truth? Cnn covers right wing militant groups and listens to their stupidity. Isn't that race baiting? And how is it Trump of all people wants someone fired for something they said in lack of respect for their position?


  7. White media everywhere took a blow here because the unadulterated truth was successfully defended on their platform. White people arent used to this, their tactic of "im white and i say so" failing when tactfully cross examined. Or at the least being ALLOWED to be honestly cross examined on their media outlet.

  8. This is the same Wes Bellamy who is a black supremacist and repeatedly tweeted anti white anti women rhetoric. The fact that this guy ever was appointed is disgusting. Donald Trump never said anything even remotely close to what this racist piece of shit did.

  9. I wonder how she feels about the fact that the Democratic Party FOUNDED the Ku Klux Klan to intimidate Black Republicans? You might say well "that's way in the past", but Hillary Clinton's Beloved Mentor was Senator Robert C. Byrd. Also known as Grand Cyclops and founder of the West Virginia Ku Klux Klan. At Byrd's Funeral even President Obama gave a eulogy. But hey voting AGAINST the Democrats makes you a Nazi Klansman eh? GO on look this up CNN…

  10. So Trump can tweet that Obama illegally wire tapped him and it's ok. But he wants an apology and people fired for being called racist?

  11. Apologize?? … the fuckin asshole should apologize for his fake birther shit! As well 
    we’re still waiting for Trump's Tax Returns – let NYT and the rest of the media focus on that. To paraphrase Trump – please hack the so-called  President's tax returns please, in order to get real clarity about him. Focus, focus!!!

  12. So your going to tell me ESPN figures lying is going to wash the racist smell off of them . They script there segments they knew and condoned every word from their little racist fools mouth ! Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining . Hill can shove her comments up her ESPN ASS ! And ESPN can continue on their path of self destruction !

  13. CNN is a steaming , stinking , disgusting pile of monkey shit ! When racist tools like Hill spewed her bigotry I pictured the asshairs At CNN closing their eyes in orgasmic delight and wringing their hands together saying GOOD , GOOD !

  14. What pathetic black is not going to defend this pig they are just pissed they will not be going to the white house to hangout with the half nigger from Kenya anymore.

  15. Jemele Hill is an idiot….everyone knows Trump is a dumbass…what's the point of saying that @ work?? …she's just going to mess her business up being emotional and trying to earn brownie points for some pro black niggas, their "No End Game" movement, and their circular conversations….you niggas don't understand strategy and tactics…..smh sad really..

  16. Sports journalists should not have the right to give their political opinion, everyone else yes, except sports journalists!Political networks, Hollywood actors, artists that declare what they want, but sports should be clear from politics! People watch, basketball, baseball, football etc, millions have escaped from politics for a moment, and now some frustrated journalists are ruining the oasis we call sports!

  17. How will the MSM get the division and strife narrative back on track after the lull?

    Once upon a time a few weeks ago, the MSM was running hard with it's all strife all the time narrative with all of the statue shit and the antifa as saviors against the white nationalist hordes yadda.

    But then Houston, North Korea, and Florida swept in to distract from the non-stop attacks. They may have dropped the bitch ball, but obviously, they aren't going to just leave it there. So how do you think they will pick it back up and run with it, especially after they did that odd about-face on antifa?

  18. If you dont think that racist march wasn't because Trump in office your blind. Not saying trump is racist but racist ppl feel that he stands for them

  19. Jemel is just having her Trump meltdown. Many had their Obama meltdowns of hate and vitriol. Expect more my friends. But this is with merit though.

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