The United States has now officially accumulated a $20 trillion debt. The ceiling was broken after the White House allowed the Treasury to borrow more money.


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30 thoughts on “US debt surpasses historic $20 trillion

  1. why the fuck is this still happening we are gonna default and common people are gonna get stuck with a bill that they didn't agree with

  2. Wtf. The U.S. is gonna collapse when the dollar dethroned how the U.S. will pay for these massive debts? The empire is dying, the same road like the Romans did, money problems and devalued currency.

  3. Just need to destabilise their military, and that will be the end to the American threat in the world. If the American people had half a brain they would do this for us. Sadly the sheep are too complacent and don't do nothing, except chant USA like lunatics.

  4. Sure, there are those who say the U.S. national debt of $20 trillion is "not a problem", but only as long as: 1. Interest rates remain where they are at the moment. 2. The U.S. dollar remains the world's reserve (trading) currency. 3. Lenders – both foreign and domestic – remain willing to loan the U.S. government more and more money. However, should any or all of those things change in the future, then the advocates of "deficits don't matter" are not only going to find themselves eating their words, the American people are going to find themselves not being able to eat at all! It's also worth noting the above figure does not include the U.S. government's unfunded liabilities, which some estimates claim could be upwards of $200 trillion. Food – excuse the oblique pun – for thought.

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