Former White House chief of staff talks Senate process, media coverage of Trump on ‘Hannity’

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21 thoughts on “Priebus speaks out about challenges facing Trump’s agenda

  1. Wait, this is Republicans complaining about the Senate obstructing a President?? Remind me, who holds the record for the number of filibusters? Who refused to even hold hearings they were legally required to hold for a Supreme Court nominee, FOR OVER A YEAR?

  2. Trump Jr. seems fed up that he inherited his daddy's money laundering business for the Russian Mob and Oligarchs.
    FACT! .. forget the libtard crybabies and forget the Trumptard Cultists… Democrats take This President back please!! Real conservatives don't want him.

  3. My generation was the Vietnam War.  The FAKE president's comments in 1997 on Howard Stern's show (which is watchable on the internet thankfully), when Trump said, "I did not go to Vietnam, but I avoided getting an STD at the sex parties I was going to at the time, that was my own Vietnam….ha ha ha."   How disgusting and disrespectful to our Vietnam veterans, who unpopular as they were at the time served our nation.   Amazing to me that Trumptards think their FAKE president is okay with saying things like that.   #PUKE

  4. The term :"dishonest media" should have FOX beside it in the dictionary. I love that the Trumptard nation claims CNN is corrupt because they fired three reporters recently.  The White House refuses to fire anyone for fake news.  CNN did the right thing and fired some reporters who crossed the line.  The right wing media, FOX, etc., refuse to fire anyone for lying.  At least O'Reilly went down for sexual misconduct  (more than I can say about the crotch grabbing FAKE president).

  5. If Trump was truly honest and had nothing to hide he would welcome the investigation to clear his name.  Obviously (to anyone who isn't a brain dead Trumptard) this FAKE president has a lot to hide and he is squirming in the oval office.  The taxes he refuses to reveal most likely show how he is owned by Putin.  Otherwise he would release them and say, there I told you so!   Nobody with true intelligence can disagree that he is hiding something.  Trumptards would support him even if he reveals his taxes that prove he is a Putin puppet, so why not just release them????

  6. my dad always told me, if you want to be a king, behave as a prince… Priebus has behaved himself in the media and throughout Scaramuccis assault like how we would like to see all politicians behave. It would not surprise me to see him be a contender for the 2020 presidential nomination.

  7. Funny that such a corrupt group of self serving rich guys are pushing deregulation … on the whole regulation stops corruption and monopoly bs

  8. Fuck this faggot, the hooker Melania Trump still has Priebus's balls in her Gucci purse. Fucking weak racist sell out. This is what happens when you put greed ahead of morals. This fuck knew Trump was a piece of human filth but thought he could jump on board and everything would go smoothly.

  9. The Electoral College, bar none are the weakest link in America! To think that they are suppose to have wisdom and insight, with authority to override the voters if they so choose, but they didn't, and they got this terribly WRONG! One can sort of see (initially anyway) why a republican would "try" to support Trump, especially if they are up for re-election. However, the EC goes under the radar, with little, if any backlash, and yet they are the reason this mentally deranged man is running our country! IF the popular vote determined the presidency as it should as does in our modern World, we Americans would not be in this DEBACLE today!!!

  10. NOW IS THE TIME TRUMPTARD MUST STEP DOWN!!!…If you are one of the Americans that still support this president who is unequivocally mentally ill, a sociopath who is undoubtedly a pathological liar. A mentally deranged and unstable narcissistic man with deep seeded mental disorders that are clearly irreversible, then you too, must step away! Leave this great country that has been destroyed in six short months! None of you are TRUE AMERICANS IF YOU CAN STILL SUPPORT THIS SCUM!!!!

  11. Congress has acted so horribly that it is pointless to call this a Democratic Republic nation.
    Millions voted for Trump and Electors confirmed the nomination. If there was a 'Russia problem' it should have been addressed before the Republican party win so there would be a different candidate to pick from. But nothing was done until after the election. Why? They never thought Trump would win. So then there was no crime UNLESS he won? (There still is no crime, just making a point). Hillary, however, definitely ruined Bernie's campaign among other stuff.
    So the only collusion I am able to see is Congress allowing corruption of team Hillary while investigating Trump for nothing. I also see a total breakdown of our electoral process when I and millions of others are being told our vote doesn't count because 'they' didn't like it. Yet 'they' force us to war and overthrow of sovereign nations to force them in to 'Democratic' government. What for .. when apparently our voting process doesn't matter.
    There is too much proof of 'false flag' operations by our 'agencies' to ever believe anything they say.

  12. Sorry Dems. The Republicans did NOTHING LIKE THIS to Obama You guys are pathetic. And it is going to hurt you.

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