North Korea is developing a nuclear capability in order to deter the United States which is threatening to attack the country, an American author and investigative journalist in Philadelphia says.

Dave Lindorff, a columnist for Counter Punch and a contributor to Business Week and other news organizations, made the remarks on while commenting on former President Jimmy Carter’s statement about US foreign policy.

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6 thoughts on “North Korea developing nukes to deter US: Analyst

  1. Every nation has the right to defend itself. N. Korea without nukes would be annihilated and no nation would permit something like this if it has the power.

  2. On the first day of a satanic yank attack on NK more civilians will die and be maimed than have been killed or maimed by all of the so called despotic kim dynasty, don't believe deep state yankee lies, so the NK development of a nuke deterant is a rational response to a bazi enemy.

  3. O not this bullshit again,. The world went M.A.D. a long time ago. Nth.Korea is developing nukes because they can't think of anything more real to do with their over-militarised insanity of an ailing Nation Statehood. And then the world got S.A.N.E.: "Safely Against Nuclear Expplosions."

  4. America must know that North Korea has atomic bombs and must take into consideration that America will deal with North Korea as a virtual reality like China and Russia and iran so that there will be no catastrophe in the world.

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