CNN’s Anderson Cooper breaks down President Trump’s assertion that there is no chaos at the White House, despite Anthony Scaramucci’s abrupt resignation as White House communications director.

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40 thoughts on “Cooper calls out Trump’s ‘No WH chaos!’ claim

  1. here is a typical argument on trumpets behalf,,,oh yea…what about Hillary or Obama, except they dont tweet non stop lies but…please look away from our fragile leader to anyone else plz! lol

  2. Nope! No chaos in the WH! Nope, hiring the Mooch was perfectly calm & normal. Same with all the Russian collusion questions. Chaos? Heck no – Kellyann is a perfect example of a well grounded person!

    And Don the Con Tweeting away all day is not chaos! The only people who don't see the dysfunction with this group of disasters are brain dead or in denial.

    Pray for Amereica!

  3. I have to wonder who is creating more Chaos….CNN , Russia hype, or online news such as yahoo and AOL's news section. There is a lot to be said for watching the news and finding that they are equally responsible for dividing the country. Of course it doesn't take much of a leap to see they are following the Democrats who are doing anything they can to prepare for the next election. God forbid we have a major crisis and the government is this divided. All we really have is too many people blaming other for personal benefit and that is not a reflection on Trump but instead on the other sources intent on creating Chaos. But you go Anderson. Talk more shit. And before you judge me this is my opinion and I am free to share it if you agree or not. If you sit in front of the TV like I do in the morning in the gym, there is no news. It's all rant against Trump. Sad part is the, being the liberal news media, are really pissed that they were so wrong about the election and instead of facing the fact that America does not agree with liberal values and instead voted against them. It is further no surprise that instead of saying hey, we were wrong, let's find a reason to show that we didn't lose but instead the election was rigged in some one. Problem with that argument is that for one they have not been able to prove it and create more and more accusations and they also fail to accept that with all their rhetoric and pushing for Hillary to win, actually fixing an election instead of reporting on it, they created for more Chaos than Russia. If CNN and the other liberal channels, and fox too, continue to voice 1000 opinions instead of reporting on the news and not making it, they will lose their viewers. We don't need the press to tell us what to think or how to think. We need the press to accurately report facts and let us come to our own conclusion. Only idiots need someone to tell them what to do all the time and Anderson Cooper only hurts his own reputation. No loss!

  4. Trump is like a drowning man who keeps trying to grab the life preserver but just can't quite reach it.

  5. CNN. I will never trust or listen to you. You called this petty? Was it not petty for you guys to go after that 15 year old redditor and threaten to dox and ruin his life just because he made a joke you didn't like? Go fuck yourselves.

  6. Justice disposes; Congress proposes; President supposes. White House confuses. Dr. Seuss has shat on his desk.


  8. Wow. You liberals defending CNN don't even know why they have so many dislikes, don't you?

    CNN is fake news because:

    1. They did a fake broadcast of Muslims protesting against violence. it was obviously fake, of course, but CNN quickly whisked it off and started talking about Trump again.

    2. They blackmailed a Reddit user for posting a fucking meme of CNN being beat up, and still have not apologized.

    3. They STILL haven't done a news segment on Imran Awan, the IT staffer for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the woman in cahoots with Hillary. Imran Awan had secret information FOR HER. He was caught trying to leave the country, and there could be very dangerous plots concerning technology that could affect the ENTIRE NATION, BUT CNN HASN'T BROADCASTED ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

  9. No-one even watches you any more hahahahahaha
    You poor loser lefty snowflakes have nothing left. Look at your child molesting sex and drug trading leaders Nonce Pelowski, Maxipad Waters, Shit for brains Schumer , Hilarious Cunton and failed homo's O'bummer and his Tranny. If that is the best you have we really do have nothing to worry about hahahahahahah.AND NOW, Debbie Was-a-man-Shultz fucking a Pakistani IT traitor. hahahaha

    I love it when the ignorant lefties spout garbage talking points with zero facts, spend billions on campaigning only to lose in a landslide even with fake CNN lying in your favour. You lost and you will lose forever more.

    Since the 2016 election in November the DJIA is the highest ever and over 1 million private sector jobs have been created. Over 400+ MS-13 gang members have been deported. Illegal immigration of your filthy Muslim Pigs down over 60%. Businesses like Carrier, Ford, Intel, and Fox Con are returning to the US.
    Investment in the US is growing exponentially. That means you will get to keep your jobs idiots.

    Republicans have won 4 special elections. The consumer confidence index is at 117.1 (up from 100 in Nov.) We exited the failing Paris Climate agreement. Unemployment is at 4.3%(U-6 rate is 8.4%) Construction jobs are increasing. And the border wall may become a solar wall. All things considered most normal people are optimistic. Only the MSM is throwing a tantrum.

    Trump is playing them all. He is drawing out all the traitors and drawing in the world to watch then he will release evidence to fuck the democrats forever and the MSM will be unable to cover it up. The master strategist, that is how he won hahahah have you learned nothing?

  10. Ordinary people running their lives and going on doing their business…and worthless do nothing politicians take credit for that.

  11. FAKE NEWS CNN!!! Speaking about chaos, look at your own news network. Even your own people are saying there are no Russia connections.

  12. Someone please bring up the fact that the economic status is from Obama. I seriously learned that in middle school economics!! It takes time for the stock market to go up or go down.

  13. Anderson Cooper, the CIA poster boy, trying and failing once again to look like a proper journalist.

  14. Hi GUYS …THE GOVERNMENT IS TRYing to sell 110 billions $ worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia. ..A country that supports ISIS and Alqaeda, oppresses women and doesn't allow women to drive , a country that doesn't have one single church and doesn't allow christians to practice their religion and any other religion but the Wahabi Islam..A COUNTRY THAT KILLING children in Yemen by bombing schools and hospitals…..WE ARE GOING TO MARCH AGAINST THE ARMS SALES TO SAUDI ARBIA – JOIN US PLEASE …THE MARCH WILL BE CARRY OUT IN MAJOR CITIES SUCH AS DC, NEW YORK, CHICAGO, SEATTLE AND LA ..HUSTON …TRUM DIDNT DO ANYTHING BUT KISS THE SAUDI KING'S ASS FOR MONEY ..Ivanka's organization got about 100 millions dollar from Saudi ARabia and UAE after Trump visit….

  15. God have mercy if this White House ever stops running smoothly and gets into chaos….lmao    I love Sarah Huckleberry Slanders saying it is not in chaos compared to her home.  How pathetic that you would have to say a house full of small children is something more chaotic than the White House and think that proves somehow that the White House is not in complete chaos.   That sounds like something the late night comedians would say, not the press secretary for the White House.

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