By refusing to take a side on the violence in Charlottesville, Trump has taken a side.

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47 thoughts on “How Trump’s Charlottesville response emboldens white supremacy

  1. Uhmmm, usually when people say Hail/Heil it means nothing good will come out of it. Now for a joke I saw floaring around on google images but a little bit added (also, please do not get triggered):
    Hail Trump!
    Rain Trump!
    Snow Trump!

  2. Ive lived in the south for a very long time and i've met face to face with hundreds of racist black supremacists and only one racist white supremacists if that tells you anything…

  3. He didn't support anyone though when he condemned the violence. The news took clips from the speeches just like Nixon. Vox is hit or miss sometimes and the matter is, he doesnt support either side. Antifa can seriously go on a Pinochet Helicopter ride and the Alt-Right needs to push the white nationalism out of their ring.

  4. Sjw and white supremacy both seem pretty racist and extremist to me. So lol i get why he said that. But hey im just a European happy to watch both groups murder each other from the sidelines. Maybe we finally can co-exist in peace when all the extremist are done with killing each other. .

  5. I bet if that was a pro pedophilia rally that was met with counter protesters, people would not be saying "violence on many sides" (rightfully so) but when it comes to nazi's we gotta handle them with kiddy gloves.

  6. So, anyone who defends Western Civilization, which is sinking like the Titanic, is a white supremacist. I think Vox has to then admit that you all hate Western Civilization and want to see it die so that we can replace the West with 3rd World cultures. If you're going to attack anyone who defends Western Civilization this way, then you are purposefully killing the West.

  7. didn't antifa turm up to attack protesters? mmm, sounds like alot more of this bias media bullshit trying not to upset liberal's or racist black people, just condemn the racist whites

  8. Everytime I think this country made it to hell I see more flames down the road. This is all just one massive circus.

  9. White nationalism stands for every ethnic group including whites being the majority of their own ethnostate, it is literally the opposite of white supremacy. Supremacy is races living together in one state and one being in power.

  10. Love for all is in the people that Trump is for. That love changed a violently minded Antifa person. Don't look at a name. Look at the Spirit that is in them. Their words and works will show what Spirit is in them.

  11. Any hateful group is disgusting. What makes this really troubling is that Some Americans see radical Islam as a threat and not the domestic terrorist right here. This is what makes me not respect anything Trump or his supporters say. Call it what it is domestic terrorism. Why is that so hard to understand?

  12. Your so stupid and biased how can you say he didn't condemn as being violent and wrong right after showing him saying they were violent and wrong. He was just adding that other groups (not the peaceful ones shown in this video) were also being violent and wrong. Why can't you understand that there where peaceful people on both sides and violent people on both sides and why do you think stating this fact means that someone is saying the violence was okay when it is really clearly saying the violence of both the Neo Nazis, KKK, and Antifa was unacceptable.

  13. Trump never said there weren't violent neo-Nazis and white nationalist and he never said all of those on the left who were counter protesters were violent. He condemned the Neo Nazis and white supremacists but also stated there were violent left wing groups such as Antifa and acting violently. The left refuses to believe this and spins it into Trump making those who were peacefully protesting on the left as being morally equivalent to Neo Nazis. That's not what he was doing. He was comparing the members of Antifa who acted violently to the Neo Nazis and was also stating that there were decent people peacefully protesting on both sides. As such showing videos of Neo Nazis and peaceful counter protesters does not disprove his point. Also nobody is happy about the death of Heather Haye and personally my thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family. To cast everybody at the rally on both sides is not fair. The ones being condemned are not those who peacefully protested against the Neo Nazis but those who were violent including some radical left wing groups, the Neo Nazis and white supremacists.1 second ago•

  14. So if he makes a statement that overall both sides cause tension that led up to charlottesville but doesn't say that "left" leaning sides are correct are bigots then he must be supporting white supremacists? No he's just being as politically unbiased as he can

  15. She just mad Hillary didn't win and a MAN won presidency. That is why these women's activists are Anti Trump. Sad because Trump is a way better President than Hillary ever could be.

  16. Why is Vox refusing to tell the story of Baked Alaska, one of the scheduled speakers, permanently blinded by an acidic mixture thrown into his face?

  17. Vox, thanks for another successful video at Red Pilling moderates, you really are propagandist creating the narrative that you think you're condemning. Remember when there was a black President? That seemed like the perfect time for the muh racists to wreak havoc.

    8000 registered KKK members in USA, sorry but thats a minority. MS13 has more members (10,000+). Stop perpetuating division.

  18. vox presents a valid argument with video of trump calling for violence and all these commenters are so butthurt because they know it's true. which side plowed a car through peaceful protests again? #fuckTrump

  19. Lmao, people defending domestic terrorism, cheers USA, you really are land of the free and home of the brave lol.

  20. I obviously favor left-wing democrat policies because obviously i'm a muslim,and they are tolerant of muslims,adding to this they are not too supportive of israel like their republican counterparts , lastly, they seem to be the party of acceptance , education , and science which is so cool.

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