The event, during President Trump’s first visit to Arizona since the election, is his first rally after his comments on Charlottesville, Va.

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President Trump today met with Border Patrol officials in Arizona before he attends this campaign-style rally, as he seeks to move past one of the most difficult stretches of his controversy-roiled presidency.


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32 thoughts on “President Donald Trump’s Rally in Phoenix (Full)

  1. haven't heard or seen president chumps children lately. wonder why they are hiding out. I guess when you have something to hide you hide out.

  2. Oh my god, reading these comments I don’t get why republicans are replying to democrats commenting about trump. We all have different opinions about our president and different views, I personally don’t like Trump and I’m a democrat but I’m not replying to republicans saying that’s she stupid and etc. but I think we’re all forgetting that we have our opinions and different views.

  3. I voted for Trump. I've made other mistakes. None of them more significant. He is, hands down, far and away the absolute worst President ever.

  4. @3:40 Attorney: Trump worth 'more alive to us than dead' v=rDSDDMi3GUo
    Trump will do whatever the terrorist jews that own you as slaves . tell him to do.
    I voted for Trump.
    "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false" William Casey C.I.A. Director 1981.

  5. Liberals have failed miserably. Everyday you morons are becoming more outnumbered after every failed attempt on Trump, and America is laughing at you. There are America flags flying on almost every house now across America. go outside and look. MAGA!

  6. From beginning to end this speech is shamefully awful! Going to the point of Trump using a racist statement.. "erasing our culture and history". That's a dog whisper to white supremacists. Talk about a vacuous president!


  8. Way to go President Trump, all cities need to be embraced with your vision, courage. Keep fighting the shadow government & never give up!

  9. Who are all these brain dead, smiling, cheering, banner waving idiots who sit behind Bozo the Clown when he's giving these please love me speeches?  Does he bring them in by the bus load from some Home for the Incredible stupid?  You gotta feel sorry for them.  They just don't have a clue about what he's doing to the U.S.  And you have to feel sorry for the rest of us.  We're going down too.

  10. Lol! Commenters saying polls indicate most people don't approve of Trump. Polls also indicated a Hillary win last November! Yeah those polls are rock solid truth!

  11. Obviously Trump is mentally ill and I can live with that.  What really concerns me is that one-third of Americans think he is right.  🙁

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