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North Korea threatens ‘pain and suffering’ ahead of UN sanctions vote

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30 thoughts on “North Korea threatens ‘pain and suffering’ ahead of UN sanctions vote

  1. you all know kim jun un is the best leader ever, he doesnt even have a butt hole so he never has to poo. i wish i never had to poo

  2. there is only one option , stick a rocket up Kims ass , and send him to the moon , and give his people freedom , his guys is already out of control, all this politrics make things worse

  3. I  will  believe  kim  once  the  missles  start  fling  in  AMERICAS  direction    ……until  then  …its  just  talk  on  kimmys  part

  4. Kim Jong-Fatass likes watching rockets take off, It`s long overdue to show him what they look like coming in. Then Ask yourself, Why would China or Russia risk it all, By fighting for a Country that no longer exists? End this insanity, Drop that F***er……Yesterday was too damn late!

  5. Sanctions will not work North Korea trades with Russia and China amongst others. Russia has sanctions against them so they will not help.

  6. Soooo there's a travel ban in place to North Korea, but CNN had a reporter there? So did CNN fake the news report, or are they above the travel ban?

  7. We are going to shoot your next missile down with some leftover steaks and bread ya fat little transvestite. Your people are about to eat YOU!!

  8. Why doesnt the rest of the world just join us in going in to North Korea tomorrow and fuck them up. Just wipe them off the face of the planet? Sanctions? You kidding me? The real question is why does this shit stain country still exist. Kim Jong Un is a fat sack of crap and cannot protect them and will not protect them from anything. He is a selfish little fat kid.

  9. Great ! bravery , weldone DPRK🌹🌹the dectator manners of USA anyhow go down..and he is the most suspicus role play others counties natonalities & sovereignty of countris …he killed many general people of Iraq,Afaganistha & Syria ,there are many childrene,women are made orphaned unhealthy condition of USA's boms and gun…is yours Human Right ?

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