LIVE VIDEO: President Trump is speaking in Phoenix for tonight’s rally:

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23 thoughts on “FULL: PROTESTS BEFORE AND President Trump’s Speech at Phoenix Rally

  1. "The police will not tolerate clashes between hate and peacefull loving protesters." Now THAT'S biased. Shame on the media for dividing this nation! SHAME!

  2. Remember the part where he called out fake media and the people boooooo'd then laughed at all of the media that was at the event. That was the best part!

  3. Really, only maybe a hundred ppl protesting. You know you're doing something right, when you have protestors. Sad sheeple who listens to the narrative of MSM outlets. Wake up ppl. Do your own investigation cause most News Media isn't news or journalism it's spreading propaganda.

  4. Jeez, all of you Trump supporters are lunatics, and looks like you never had attend any school. I'm not an American, but you people, proves what the world thinks for you, that you are the most uneducated nation on this planet and will get worst, with an education department cutbacks.

  5. Why are people screaming outside the ralley? Go home and get a job… You are not making a diffrence you look pathetic

  6. I see from the comment section that the age old tactics of divide and concur are going well. You are all being manipulated. I understand it is hard not to bite but that is what it is…. Order out if chaos. I will say this much…. The media will have a lot to answer for in the moment of truth. Those lying, manipulative whores took the silver and are more than happy to suck the cock of satan…. And pretty much all celebrities. Lying little focking scumbags that they are.

  7. The fact that a man has to wear a shirt that states the president and party his supports aren't racist really speaks volumes of how desperate he must be to convince himself of his own bullshit and how pathetic he is. #DumpTrump

  8. Trump is damn awesome. The World salute you. God bless Americans for choosing Donald J.Trump as President of the USA.

  9. Even the sub 80 iq trump voters are starting to come around to the fact that they were bamboozled by this reality tv con artist.

  10. Trump does not know how to work with People.  Trump Bad Mouths and Threatens Members of Senate and House, instead of working with them. With Trump as President, the United States Government is Totally Crippled and cannot work.

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