President Donald Trump has decided to end DACA but with a delay of 6 month giving Congress a chance to pass legislation to save it.

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23 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: President Donald Trump to END DACA Dreamers Program but with One Issue

  1. Dumb people here. If US didn't need immigrants, the borders would be totally closed. the truth is, USA is united by law, not by the people. In other words, it is divided as fuck on every race, gender, and on every other issue that involves religion and race or nationality roots. Only kept united by force of the law.

  2. Yeah the nothing but Killers murderers rapists every f**** immigrants in this country now that's all we got send the f**** ass hat no more welfare you stupid leeches that is not Muslim no more welfare get a job and your skirts

  3. I'm tired of telling people what DACA really is hahahaha People that agree with taking DACA down are just a bunch of ignorant people. And its sad because DACA could help the U.S improve in the future. DACA are people that don't commit crimes, work hard, and want to be American.

  4. Right-wingers only care about other people's children before they are born, and only if they are white, wealthy, "heterosexual", male and Christian.

  5. PLEASE someone give me a good explanation how illegal immigrants are taking "your jobs" away ?!?? Y'all just repeat the same shit Donald trump dumbass says , use your own words!

  6. The Man who put a Bullet in the Head of Donald Trump will be a Hero. I have no respect for Trump nor his Worshipers, I have terminated 88 people for supporting this asshole and I have completely ignored any repercussion. I HATE TRUMP AND HIS SUPPORTERS AND THEY DESERVE A BULLET. And they have no place in my company and we have tripled net worth since I let it know i have personally excused them. GET OVER IT TRUMP SUPPORTING SCUM. YOU DESERVE TO SUFFER AND DIE.

  7. People that say illegals are sucking up American jobs "minimum wage jobs" *correction no there just actually searching for jobs & doing the jobs Americans don't want to do lol instead of standing by a fwy asking for change & if you went to college you would know that 91% of welfare applicants are American, immigrants have no way of even applying for any financial assistance they can't even get a drivers license

  8. THERE! YA HAPPY?! you got what you wanted. But not exactly. you still want to deminish the Latino population by %10 by 2020 – it makes sense; after all, yous the conquerors, the big cahoots. It doesn't matter that California is called "California" and Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Utah all have names. And yes, even Texas. Let me tell you something. Slavery was abolished back in the day. Texans took advantage of cattle roaming because of lack of milk. Mexicans did fuck up. And they fucked up big.. humongous big. Specially with that asshole Santa Ana.

    Point being: Mexicans and burritos are here to stay. Mexico might just turn out to be your strongest ally. They do not have a strong army but they do have the potential to be a world power. China knows. Middle Eastern countries know. Russia knows. Mexico would rather keep it under raps. They rather fight and gain capitalism.

    US citizens take good care of your neighbors (Canada) . They are Americans and family

  9. lol! the rhinos will hang them selves in 2018!!
    Right before trump gets impeached fucking with the Russians.

  10. I think I speak for alot of Americans in saying HELL YES. Its bout damn time we take back our country im so tired of hearing this "have a heart" bullshit. If we break the law we our arested if they break the law they get benefits! THROW THESE BORDER JUMPERS IN A TORTILLA AND TOSS THEM OVER THE WALL!!!!

  11. So the generation of; "Participation trophies & ribbons" for all who didn't earn it is now showing their faces as they're running the streets crying, mad & upset yelling; "NOT FAIR". Well kido's, blame your families for bringing "you/them" here and causing this issue to begin with in the first place. Thank the former President for allowing "you/them" to think "you/they" have any "rights" and thank all the others for giving "you/they" the sense of any kind of entitlements when "you/them" are owed NONE. Time to grow up and realize "you/they" don't just get what "you/they" want because "you/they" want it, demand it or throw a temper tantrum over a decision you don't like . This is called; "REALITY"!

  12. "there will be 70,000 jobs available ", and who's gonna get them? Hillbillies? KKK? trumps supporters who hate everything except the color white? Lol

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